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    GamingHigh on Life: This is the best launch of a game in Xbox Game Pass in 2022

    High on Life: This is the best launch of a game in Xbox Game Pass in 2022

    High on Life: This is the best launch of a game in Xbox Game Pass in 2022

    Coming out of nowhere and heavily heckled by the press at the time of its release (the game obtained an average of 68% on Metacritic), High on Life is today the best launch of a game on the Xbox Game Pass, but also the best launch in the history of the service for a game published by a third-party publisher. A pride that prompted Microsoft to publish a press release that could not be more official and at the same time support the Squanch Games studio, led by a certain Justin Roiland, also known to be the co-author of Rick and Morty. The American manufacturer specifies that these statistics were determined according to the number of hours played in the five days following the release of the title. Obviously, we would have liked Microsoft to release some official figures, but the Redmond firm is careful not to reveal them, which could have helped us to measure the success of such a game, which now stands as the standard bearer of a service that continues to grow. On the developer side, such enthusiasm is almost unexpected and Mike Fridley, Studio Director and COO from Squanch Games, wanted to give his feelings about this wave of love from players:

    This was our first game launch in Game Pass and we were more than surprised by the response from players, which made our title the most popular game in Game Pass at the moment. We created Squanch Games to develop the games we wanted to play and the Game Pass.

    For those who missed High on Life, and it’s quite logical since the title has not really benefited from a very extensive marketing campaign, know that it is an FPS which takes place in an absurd and colorful science fiction world, whose particularity is to highlight guns with words and which interact with the player. We invite you to discover an extract right here:

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