GamingHideo Kojima's new project was a 'bit too crazy' for this...

Hideo Kojima’s new project was a ‘bit too crazy’ for this…

While he has just formalized his Death Stranding 2, on the occasion of the Games Awards 2022, Hideo Kojima returned to one of his other projects to explain in particular the details on how he ended up in the hands from Microsoft. And the reason is very simple: none of the potential partners who were contacted by the Japanese director believed in the viability of his project, apart from the American giant.

A “crazy” project

We may be called Hideo Kojima and have given birth to a series today inscribed in the “pantheon of video games”, it is not always a solid guarantee. The proof: by presenting his future project, the creator was rejected by many potential partners in order to produce his new game. They only saw this new project as “madness”. At the same time, didn’t Kojima say that he wants to give birth to a new type of media in a previous interview?

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We must therefore believe that his ambitions were not to everyone’s taste, except Microsoft, which, according to Metal Gear Solid’s father, was the only one who “understood” what he intended to achieve and ensured his support in despite the risk it entailed, due to the novelty of the thing. Here’s what he told IGN:

The project we are working on with Microsoft is a project I have been thinking about for five or six years already. This project required infrastructure that had never been needed before. So I discussed it with many big companies and made presentations but they really seemed to think I was crazy. It was finally Microsoft who showed that they understood, and now we are working together on the project, including on the technological level.

These are words that arouse our interest even more. However, unfortunately we still don’t know anything about this new project, which seems to be the famous Overdose. So we just have to wait for someone to come to us to show it, even if a certain leak has apparently (and this, momentarily) lifted the veil on it.

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