NewsLatin AmericaHernandez accuses Petro of "mocking and betraying" his voters with the rise in the price of gasoline in Colombia

Hernandez accuses Petro of “mocking and betraying” his voters with the rise in the price of gasoline in Colombia

Archive – The senator and former candidate for the Presidency of Colombia, Rodolfo Hernandez – STRINGER / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO – File

Senator Rodolfo Hernandez, who was a candidate for the presidency of Colombia, has accused the head of state, Gustavo Petro, of “mocking and betraying” his voters after announcing a possible increase in the price of gasoline.

“Increasing gasoline is mocking and betraying the interests of the people who elected him,” Hernandez has stated on his social networks, who at the beginning of July confirmed that he would oppose the Petro government.

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In this way, Petro’s rival in the second round of the Colombian presidential elections has responded to the president’s proposal to raise the cost of gasoline due to the deficit suffered by the Colombian Fuel Price Stabilization Fund.

The Colombian president pointed out this weekend that the fund’s deficit is about ten billion pesos (more than 2,260 million euros) per quarter, a phenomenon caused “by not raising the price of gasoline.”

Likewise, Petro hinted at the possibility of not subsidizing fuels, considering that “half of the national budget deficit is due to a growing subsidy to gasoline consumers.”

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Source: Europa Press


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