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Harris reiterates from Japan that the US wants to “deepen” its “unofficial” ties with Taiwan

US Vice President Kamala Harris – Mk1 Deanna Gonzales/US Navy/Pl / DPA

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, reiterated this Wednesday from a naval base in Yokosuka, Japan, where she is on an official visit, that the Biden Administration intends to “deepen” its “unofficial” ties with Taiwan. .

“Taiwan is a vibrant democracy that contributes to global good, from technology to health and beyond, and the United States will continue to deepen its unofficial ties,” he said, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Harris, who has made a first stop in Japan for the first leg of an Asia trip that will take her to South Korea starting Thursday, has criticized China for its military exercises around the island, calling the moves ” destabilizing”.

In this sense, he specified that Beijing’s “continuous aggressive behavior” attempts to “unilaterally undermine the ‘status quo'” in a region in which “peace and stability” in the Taiwan Strait is “essential” for an Indo- Pacific “free and open”, according to the newspaper ‘The Japan Times’.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, stated at a press conference that these words were echoed by Harris. In this way, China has asked the United States to “fulfill its commitments” and follow the “one China” principle.

“If the US side doesn’t even honor its own commitments, how can it be qualified to talk about rules? It will only become a destroyer of international rules,” he said, recalling Harris’ August visit to Taiwan as well as the label you have used of “country” to refer to the island.

Webin has assured that, in the face of these actions, Washington is the “destroyer of the international order”, since it “seriously” violates China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, harms relations between the two countries and “undermines peace and stability” in the region, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Source: Europa Press



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