Gaming GTA 6: the author of the leak would have been arrested –...

GTA 6: the author of the leak would have been arrested – L’actu J …

You will certainly not have missed it: almost a week ago, Rockstar Games and GTA were the center of attention. It is that an individual had managed to seize several sensitive elements such as the source code of GTA 5 or several videos of the future opus of the cult series. But, if the latter had been made available on the Web, it seems that everything had not been revealed by the author of the leak, which said to reiterate and reveal more if the studio did not meet its requirements. Threats which, it seems, will not be carried out. In any case, the author is currently in the hands of the British authorities.

Suspect in GTA 6 case arrested

Rockstar was not the only one to have been targeted by a computer attack, causing the disclosure of information. The individual who targeted the company would also be involved in another case that occurred a few days earlier, the one that affected Uber. The latter, therefore, requested the FBI as well as the American Department of Justice, providing, at the same time, a certain lead on the origin of the wrongdoing.

According to Uber, therefore, the culprit would be a hacker from the Lapsus$ group known to have already hacked Microsoft, Nvidia or even Samsung and which is mainly made up of young members, as evidenced in particular by the arrest of a 16-year-old teenager a few years ago now. Is this the case here? We will not confirm it, however it seems that the answer will be known very soon since a suspect has just been apprehended.

Earlier in the day of September 23, 2022a 17-year-old individual was apprehended by the london policein a joint operation with the National Crime Agency. And according to journalist Matthew Keys, who would get his information from reliable sources, the person concerned would be the one who was involved in the data leak from Rockstar Games and, possibly, from Uber.

Now, we just have to wait for more to be communicated to us. The London authorities should do so shortly and thus clarify the questions that we can ask ourselves: is this the real suspect? If so, how far does his involvement go? Rockstar only? Uber?… To be continued.


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