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    TechnologyGoogle rolls out archived apps with the latest Play Store update

    Google rolls out archived apps with the latest Play Store update

    Google Play Store App -UNSPLASH

    Google has entered the archived applications in the latest update to the Play Store, a feature that allows users to free up space on their mobile device without having to completely uninstall these programs.

    The technology company announced the system for archiving applications in March, although its operation was revealed in October thanks to @AssembleDebug, when it was shown for the Google News ‘app’ within the section ‘Manage devices and apps’, from the Google Play Store.

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    This option has started deploy now with version v33.4 of the Play Store application, whose deployment began on Thursday, November 24, as stated on the Google ‘System Updates’ page.

    The application archive is a new function that free up space without removing the ‘app’ completely. Instead, some parts of the app are removed, which stays on the device until the user needs it and updates it to the latest version.

    The goal of this approach is to release up to 60 percent the space occupied by mobile applications. And for this, when the user goes to the application management, when selecting one, they will find a lower window with information about what it occupies and two options: ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Archive’.

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    To check the applications that have been archived, you just have to go to the option that has been enabled at the top of ‘Manage devices and apps’, which is called ‘Archived’.


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