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    TechnologyGoogle raises the minimum to 2GB of RAM to update to Android 13

    Google raises the minimum to 2GB of RAM to update to Android 13

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    Google has raised the minimum technical requirements that the ‘smartphones’ must comply with in order to update to android 13 and load Google Mobile Services (GMS), which affects the most basic terminals, usually launched under Android Go Edition.

    Android Go It is a lighter version of Google’s mobile operating system, designed specifically for the most basic computers, with less than 2GB of RAM. The optimizations it includes allow you to speed up the performance of your phone and applications while saving on mobile data.

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    Google has updated the requirements so that Android mobile devices can update to Android 13 and use GMS, as pointed out by Google product expert Jason Bayton and collected by the technical editor of Esper.io, mishaal rahmanOn twitter.

    According to Baytonnew phones must have at least 2GB of RAM. This requirement also applies to new devices with Android Go, which must also have a 16GB minimum internal capacity.

    This means that devices that currently have Android 12 installed but do not meet the new minimum requirements will not be able to update to Android 13.

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    Source: Europa Press


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