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Google Play concludes Indie Games Festival, with Quadline and Dungeons of Dreadrock among the winners

Google celebrates Indie Games Festival 2022 -GOOGLE PLAY DEVELOPERS

google play has concluded its Indie Games Festival video game contest, which has resulted in ten independent titles from around the world as winners, among which are the European ones quad line Y Dungeons of Dreadrock.

Indie Games Festival is presented as a celebration of the best indie games on the Google app store, offering small studios the opportunity to submit their proposals and compete for specific lineup for the development of your ideas.

This is possible thanks to the Indie Games Accelerator program, a ten-week study plan in which developers can obtain personalized and ‘online’ training sessions with experts from the video game industry.

The company subscription period opened earlier this summer for local video game developers in South Korea, Japan and Europe. After a first round, Google announced that among the European titles candidates for the final were Fury Unleashed, Kitty Q, Pawnbarian and Wingspan, among others.

Among the titles of Japanese origin, featured A Year of SpringsBrave Farm Survival, Crazy Donuts, Raspberry Mash, Train’s Run or Time for Coffee in the Strange Forest.

In the South Korean section, on the other hand, there were titles such as Bingo Star, Drawing Beats!, Dungeon Rogue, Lost Pages, SuperBattle and The Greater, among others.

Now, the company has announced the winners of the Indie Games Festival, who will receive the training mentioned and other promotional boosts to increase your visibility in the app store.

Thus, the winners of the festival in the Europe section have been Dungeons of Dreadrock (Germany), Please, Touch The Artwork (Belgium) and Quadline (Ukraine), in the section corresponding to Europe.

From South Korea, Dungeon Log: Legendary Adventurer (Giant Dice), Lost Page – The Beginning of the Bridle (Gpicrew) and The Greater (IM GAME) stood out. However, the Users’ Choice Award went to Nyang Tower: Square Logic (Studio Box Cat).

Finally, the award-winning titles of Japanese origin They have been Catastrophe Restaurant (, Raspberry Mash (Ignition M) and Soulvars (ginolabo).

It should be noted that not all the independent games in the festival can be downloaded at European level, since, for example, a large part of Koreans are exclusive to Google Play in Asian territory.

In addition, in Spain the finalist titles of the contest are also available, some of them free and others, paid. Those are DT Space Races, Fury Unleashed, Get Together: A Coop Adventure, Gladiators: Survival in Rome, Kitty Q, Quare Valley, and Wingspan.

Source: Europa Press



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