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Google Photos tests a button that combines facial recognition functions with those of Google Lens

Google Photos interface on a computer and a mobile device – GOOGLE PHOTOS

google photos is testing a new feature that combines the facial recognition functions of this application with those of Google Lens and replaces the icon of the latter with that of Search (Search) in its interface.

Currently, Google’s video and image storage service has four buttons at the bottom of the interface, intended for sharing a certain file, editing it, deleting it, or Lens.

If the latter is clicked, the application redirects to this other Google service, which allows the recognition of images and serves, among other things, to translate a text directly on the photo or search for items similar to those in the image (for example, the clothing worn by the person photographed).

google photos also offers users the option of organize photos by faces, to make it easier to search for these photographs if you know who appears in them. These groupings of photos are private and the face models are stored locally, that is, on the device itself.

Google is testing a new button that combines the facial recognition features of Google Photos and its ability to create individual albums for each person, with the usual search features of Google Lens.

Now, instead of the Lens button, Google Photos has introduced Search(‘Search’). Once the photograph has been chosen, if this option is clicked, Search is capable of detecting the people that appear in the image.

If one of these people is selected, they will appear with their face framed in a painting, Google Photos will redirect you to a folder that contains all the images in which that person appears.

As Android Police has advanced, in photos with several faces, this feature simplifies the search for the specific photo album of each of the people that appear in it.

From this medium they remember that the new shortcut does not end the functions of Lens since, in case the user wants to search for a certain garment or translate a text that appears in the photograph, just press that object of photography.

At the moment, this Google feature is in the testing phase and can only be accessed by some users through the Google Photos application.



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