Technology Google launches new things with Pixel Future Drop, like a free VPN...

Google launches new things with Pixel Future Drop, like a free VPN from Google One and improvements in calls

What’s New in the Latest Pixel Feature Drop -GOOGLE BLOG

Google has released its latest update package targeting Pixel devices, Pixel Feature Dropwhich integrates improvements in phone callswhich from now on will be sharper, as well as a free virtual private network (VPN) from Google One.

The company has indicated that this update, “the largest to date” It is not only aimed at their ‘smartphones’but has also targeted it for its ‘wearable’ Google Pixel Watch for the first time, according to a blog post.

These new features have already begun to be implemented on phones from the Pixel 4a model to the most recent from the Pixel, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The latter two, for example, now include Google One VPN for free.

Thanks to this virtual private network, users will be able to carry out an online activity protected at the network level in spaces such as airports or cafeterias, with public Wi-Fi networks.

Google has also indicated that the Google OneVPN It is designed to ensure that network traffic cannot be linked to the identity of the users who make use of it.

On the other hand, this great Google update focused on devices Pixel brings a new unified setting security and privacy, with notifications that alert users of any risk to their security and provide them with ‘tips’ to improve their security.

In addition, Pixel Feature Drop introduces improvements in phone calls thanks to a feature that improves the voice of the interlocutor and reduces background noise. In this way, with the terminals of the Pixel 7 series it will be possible to hear more clearly, thanks to Tensor G2.

The recorder on these devices now also introduces smart capabilities with caller tags. Thus, when a conversation in English is recorded and transcribed with a Pixel 6 model or laterRecorder will identify each speaker and give it an individual label.

Google has explained that, once the recording is finished, users will be able to rename the interlocutors that the recorder has registered, which, by default, identifies as ‘Speaker 1’, ‘Speaker 2’, etc.

For the Google Pixel Watch, the company has introduced Fitbit Sleep Profile, that offers information about sleep and tips to rest better.

This functionality takes into account a dozen different aspects of sleep, among which are the duration, interruption or regularity with which the user goes to bed. In addition, it has introduced improvements in the detection of coughs and snores, a feature now Available on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

The new wallpapers for mobile phones and smart watches are also part of this package of news for Pixel, which introduce moving images and new mosaics in your application interface.

Finally, the company has announced that it will introduce spatial audio next January for your Pixel Buds Pro, as well as wired headphones, as long as they are used with a Pixel device.



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