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Google Duo launches Meet functions and changes the logo of the ‘app’ in its latest update

The new logo of the Google Meet application that combines the services of Duo and the old Meet. – GOOGLE.

The application of Google Duo for Android and iOS has received a new update that introduces video call features present in Google Meet, as well as a new logo.

The Mountain View company announced in early June its intention to merge the Meet and Duo services to create a single platform for video calls and video conferences.

In this way, he indicated that the Google Duo service would absorb all the functions of Google Meet gradually and would soon combine them with those already existing on the platform.

Currently, Google Duo users can make video calls, use filters and effects, send messages to other contacts or ask the Google Assistant to start a call.

These features will be joined by others after the merger of both platforms, a process that began in mid-July and will conclude with a new Google Duo with its initial features and those already offered by Google Meet. This new platform will be called Google Meet and with it, users will have options previously unavailable on Duo.

These include scheduling, creating, and joining meetings, as well as using chat with automatic captions and virtual backgrounds in meetings, enjoy enhanced video and audio experiences with noise cancellation, or interact via video with groups of up to 100 participants and no time limit.

This transition process has continued with a new version of the Google Duo application, as it has been updated to include the capabilities of video calls and meetings characteristic of Google Meet, as the company has advanced in its support blog.

Likewise, the Google Duo icon has been replaced, in blue on a white background, by the Google Meet icon. Instead, a video camera is shown that combines Google’s corporate colors (green, yellow, blue and red) on a white background.

The name change from Google Duo to the new Google Meet will occur later, “in the coming weeks,” the company has commented, without specifying when this transition will take place.

The company has recalled that Google Meet will not disappear, but that, after this update, it will be renamed Google Meet (original) and will present a new logo, with a green video camera.

In addition, it has pointed out that users will be able to continue using the old Google Meet ‘app’, with the essential features of this service, but without access to call functionality.

Finally, it has indicated that Google will inform all users who have Google Meet (original) installed when they must switch to the new experience of the application, Google Meet, in order to be able to access the combined functions of both platforms.

In this way, once the merger process between Google Meet and Google Duo is completed, Google Meet (original) It will no longer be supported, so the company will force users to install the new video calling platform.



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