TechnologyGoogle announces different functions that incorporate AI into its search engine and Maps: it remains to be seen how its proposal will be to...

Google announces different functions that incorporate AI into its search engine and Maps: it remains to be seen how its proposal will be to compete against ChatGPT

This week there was an announcement that not everyone expected in the technology sector. At least, it didn’t look like it was going to come that fast: Google presented Bardhis proposal to compete against the artificial intelligence text generator of Open AI, ChatGPT.

He was the CEO of the Google parent company, sundar pichai (who already in December issued a red code due to the increase in popularity of ChatGPT), which was announced this Monday by Bard, a text generator based on the linguistic model LaMDA which is already being tested by “trusted testers” and will be released in the coming weeks.

Google’s reaction has been relatively quick considering that the public version of ChatGPT —a tool in which Microsoft has invested billions of euros— was made available to the public. just 2 months ago. However, the Alphabet subsidiary seems to have adapted to the circumstances, since the reaction of the competition is not being slower.

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These are the 6 alternatives to ChatGPT: Microsoft’s commitment to OpenAI competes against giants such as Google or the Chinese technology Baidu

Alternatives to ChatGPT.Alternatives to ChatGPT.

own Microsoft has announced this Wednesday that the new version of its search engine, the “new Bing”is available as of today, and several technology giants, such as the Chinese company Baidu, have also advanced their intention to launch their text generators in just a few weeks.

Taking this into account, Google has organized an event in Paris (France) this Wednesday in which it has presented several innovations for its products and services that incorporate artificial intelligence to the search engine, the translator and the company’s browser, Google Maps. .

Mixed search, Live View and image translation with Lens

The presentation has been coordinated by the senior vice president of Google, Prabhakar Raghavan, who wanted to influence the importance that technology gives to user searches.

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Raghavan has pointed out that, with the Lens function (which, according to the company, is used “more than 10 billion times a month” by users), Google intends to go “beyond the traditional notion of search”.

For this reason, the senior vice president has announced several new features, including the possibility of searching for what is appearing on the mobile screen through Lens, as well as “mixed searches”, a functionality that allows “search using a photo and text at the same time“.

In relation to advances in artificial intelligence, the vice president and General Manager of Google, Chris Phillips, has announced that AI has allowed the development of a new way of exploring with Google Maps, the “live view“.

According to Phillips, advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible to merge “millions of aerial images” and photographs taken by Street View to generate a digital model of different cities that can be viewed on Maps. This novelty will serve to consult useful information, according to Google, “such as the weather, the state of traffic and how crowded a place is“.

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Beyond the Google browser, the Alphabet subsidiary has also introduced functions that incorporate the use of AI in its different products and services, such as the possibility of translate images with Lens. From now on, not only can those photos be translated, but the translated text will be integrated into the images “in a much more natural way.”

Despite not having shown news about the most anticipated product with artificial intelligence from Google, the text generator BardRaghavan has once again emphasized the words of its CEO, Sundar Pichai, and has assured that more details of this service will be known in the coming weeks.


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