GamingGood news for the Wolverine video game

Good news for the Wolverine video game

We may be able to play the Wolverine video game much sooner than expected and we also have very interesting information about what they are preparing.

Since it was announced that Insomniac Games I was preparing a video game WolverineWithout a doubt, it has become one of the most anticipated. Since she is the developer behind Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank Y spider-man (2018), a brutal game where they recreated the city of New York for the hero of Marvel.

Here we leave you the first advance presented in 2021.

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The video game has good news.

According to Jeff Grubbof GBthe video game Wolverine it will be on sale in autumn 2024. Bringing up its release date, since supposedly we would have to wait until 2025. Which is quite spectacular, since spider-man 2 It will be released this 2023, so there will only be a year difference.

In addition, it will have a “hard” M-rating and, although it probably won’t be a completely open world like the games of spider-manit will most likely have open sections of a world similar to other major games of sonysuch as the new deliveries of god of war.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have many plot details right now, but it’s close to the quality of spider-manit is clear that we will enjoy this video game a lot Wolverine.

In addition, they may have brought the date forward to autumn 2024, so that the release of the game for sale coincides with Deadpool 3 (November 8, 2024), a powerful film of Marvel Studios that will have the epic return of Hugh Jackman What Wolverine, something that the fans had demanded for a long time and that will now come true. Therefore, the possibility of being able to handle it on consoles, even if it is another version, will surely make sales skyrocket. So it’s probably a great idea to force the machine and hit that date.

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