NewsEuropeGermany requests the extradition of two extremists linked to the group that planned a coup

Germany requests the extradition of two extremists linked to the group that planned a coup


The German Prosecutor’s Office has requested this Friday from the Italian and Austrian authorities the extradition of two extremists allegedly linked to the far-right group ‘Rechsburger’ (Citizens of the Reich), who planned to carry out a coup.

However, at the moment it is unknown when these two suspects will be able to appear before the investigating judges of the case at the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe, in the southwest of the country.

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The decision comes two days after the Prosecutor’s Office itself detailed that the 25 detainees during a series of raids carried out by the Police in eleven federated states were members and followers of a “terrorist organization” that sought to end the German Government.

Of those arrested, 22 are accused of belonging to a terrorist organization that wanted to overthrow the political system. The other three face charges of aiding and abetting. All are of German nationality except for a Russian citizen.

The Prosecutor’s Office warned on Wednesday that “the members of the association are aware that this project can only be achieved through military and violent means against state representatives, which includes committing homicides” and noted that the defendants are “united by a deep rejection of state institutions and the free democratic order in Germany”.

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In addition, he identified the alleged leaders as ‘Rudiger’ and ‘Prince Henrich XIII’. The latter is a great-great-grandson of Wilhelm II of Germany, the last German emperor and King of Prussia, who was forced to abdicate in 1918 after the First World War.


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