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    NewsEuropeGermany agrees to compensate the victims of the attack at the Munich Olympics

    Germany agrees to compensate the victims of the attack at the Munich Olympics

    Archive – Tribute to the victims of the attack during the Munich Olympics – Stefan Puchner/dpa-Pool/dpa – Archive

    The Government of Germany has reached an agreement to compensate the victims of the massacre that occurred during the 1972 Munich Olympics, after decades of litigation that have finally concluded with the apparent consensus of both German and Israeli authorities.

    Monday will mark half a century of an attack in which Palestinian terrorists attacked members of the Israeli Olympic team. Eleven members of this delegation died and a police officer who lost his life in the failed rescue operation launched at an air base.

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    The agreement announced now contemplates the creation of an investigation commission to re-analyze what happened, the assumption of political responsibilities and compensation to the families of the victims, according to the spokesman for the German Government, Steffen Hebestreit.

    The Israeli press reports that the beneficiaries of the money must sign a confidentiality agreement next week, although sources quoted by the DPA agency have acknowledged that 28 million euros in compensation were raised in the negotiations.

    The presidents of Germany and Israel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Isaac Herzog, respectively, have applauded the agreement in a joint statement in which they have indicated that, although “it cannot heal the wounds”, it does imply the recognition of the “terrible suffering” of the victims.

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    On Monday, Munich will commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre and relatives of victims had threatened to boycott the event and attend an alternative one in Israel. However, the new agreement will ‘a priori’ allow the parties to set aside part of their differences.

    Source: Europa Press


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