News Middle East Gaza authorities evacuate Al Shifa hospital as Israel denies requesting evacuation

Gaza authorities evacuate Al Shifa hospital as Israel denies requesting evacuation

Gaza authorities evacuate Al Shifa hospital as Israel denies requesting evacuation

November 16, 2023, Nuseirat, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory: People search through buildings, destroyed during Israeli air strikes a day earlier, in the southern Gaza Strip on November 16, 2023 in Nuseirat, Gaza. Heavy fighting rages in the northern Ga – Europa Press/Contact/Bashar Taleb

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The IDF claims to be collaborating with the voluntary evacuation, but rejects reports of a forced eviction


Authorities in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), have confirmed the evacuation of a large part of the Al Shifa hospital complex in response to an alleged forced evacuation order issued by the Israel Defense Forces ( FDI) deny launching.

This has been confirmed by the general director of the Gaza Ministry of Health, Munir al Bursh, who in statements to Al Jazeera has assured that Israel has called for the evacuation of Al Shifa, where there are still five doctors supervising the eviction process of the wounded.

However, the IDF released a statement shortly after clarifying that it denies having ordered the forced evacuation of the center, but rather works closely with the Al Shifa authorities to facilitate the eviction of those patients who require it.

“Medical teams will remain in the hospital for the benefit of patients who are unwilling or unable to evacuate. In addition, during the night the IDF has continued to provide food, water and humanitarian aid to the hospital,” added the Israeli military authorities.

For his part, Al Bursh had previously reported that around 120 of the 650 wounded in the center are still in the hospital. “Now we are heading south, and the scenes are miserable (…) So far we have walked two kilometers and the area is completely destroyed,” he added.

Along these lines, an emergency supervisor at the Al Shifa hospital has acknowledged to the aforementioned television network that “not all” of the center’s patients have managed to leave the place. “Some of those in the hospital left, while others stayed, including the wounded and sick,” he reported.

The Gazan authorities have assured that the IDF has made a call this morning for the total evacuation of the Al Shifa hospital, the scene of a ground incursion already in the middle of the week. However, the Israeli Army has denied having expressed itself in those terms.

During their mid-week raid on Al Shifa, Israeli troops confirmed finding weaponry, operating rooms in even tunnels operated by Hamas in the hospital complex.



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