GamingGame Awards 2022: Final Fantasy 16 finally reveals its release date ...

Game Awards 2022: Final Fantasy 16 finally reveals its release date …

In truth, the release date of this Final Fantasy 16 was no longer really a secret since last week. A well-known leaker had taken care to reveal it, under admittedly cryptic appearances. Nevertheless, here and there, some individuals had managed to find the day stopped by Square Enix. We just had the confirmation, which we have today with a breathtaking video.

A release in June 2023

As suggested by the noises, the Game Awards 2022 have put Final Fantasy 16 back in the spotlight with a trailer where the spectacular has a significant place. Dark, evoking in particular the pangs of revenge, these new shared minutes thus place us alongside a Clive Rosfield carried away in dantesque clashes against imposing creatures. This therefore has the merit of plunging us back into a universe that we have already been able to approach thanks to several previous communications. But what makes a bit of a difference here, aside from the never-before-seen footage, is the reveal that fans have no doubt been waiting for a while: the exact date on which they will finally be able to get their hands on this 16th opus.

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And if we had to be content so far with a vague summer of 2022, we now know – officially – that this new Final Fantasy will arrive on our PS5 on June 22, 2022. A coming that will take place, as you can imagine, in the form of different editions (to be pre-ordered on the official website). There will logically be the Standard, but also the Deluxe and the Collector. A last edition which will particularly delight the hearts of hardcore fans by offering a statue representing a titanic face to face between Ifrit and Phoenix.

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