GamingGame Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2 is official, first trai...

Game Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2 is official, first trai…

The day before the Game Awards, Hideo Kojima continued his mysterious communication campaign via social networks. The cast growing more and more, it only remained to discover the identity of the game. Could it be Overdose, the sequel to Death Stranding or perhaps the enigmatic partnership with Microsoft? We finally got the answer.

We take back the postman’s coat

Death Stranding 2 was therefore the title that Kojima had been talking about cryptically for several months. Admittedly, this is not really a big surprise, because Norman Reedus, the actor playing the main character of the story, had accidentally revealed his existence earlier in the year. It only remained to wait for the broadcast of a first trailer. Fans were waiting for it and good news, their wish was granted during the Game Awards 2022 ceremony.

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These unpublished images show us the return of Lea Seydoux in her role of Fragile. She is seen holding her baby and trying to escape an unknown threat. This one and Sam Porter Bridges are obviously now part of an organization named drawnbridge. But they are not the only ones to return to the cast of this second opus. Troy Baker, sporting the features of Higgs, also responds. The latter has changed and one wonders how he got there. In general, mysteries, there are a lot of them in this trailer.

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For the moment, Death Stranding 2, whose title is provisional, has no release date to put in the tooth. When the day comes, it will only land on PS5but as we saw with his eldest, things can change.


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