TechnologyFugaku Supercomputer Maintains World No. 1 Rankings in HPCG and Graph500 Rankings

Fugaku Supercomputer Maintains World No. 1 Rankings in HPCG and Graph500 Rankings

Fugaku Supercomputer -RIKEN

The fugaku Supercomputer, Developed jointly by Riken and Fujitsu, it has managed to hold the top spot for six consecutive periods in several major high-performance PC rankings, including HPCG and Graph500 BFS.

The HPCG is a performance classification of computing methods which are often used in real world applications, and the Graph500 ranks systems based on graph analysis performancean important element in data-intensive workloads.

The results of the rankings were announced on November 14 at the International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analytics (SC22), held in Dallas, United States.

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On this occasion, the results have been obtained with the full complement of Fugaku, made up of 158,976 nodes spread over 432 racks. In HPCG, he got 16.00 petaflops. In the TOP500, it achieved a LINPACK score of 442.01 petaflops, and in HPL-AI it scored 2,004 exaflops.

The first place in Graph500, with a score of 102,955 gigaTEPS, was obtained by the collaboration between RIKEN, the University of Kyushu, Fixstars Corporation and Fujitsu, as highlighted by the Japanese multinational in a press release. It has also been ranked 2nd in the TOP500 ranking and 3rd in HPL-AI.

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