News Latin America Francia Marquez: “Women do not reach spaces of power to be vases”

Francia Marquez: “Women do not reach spaces of power to be vases”

Women of America: Francia Marquez: “Women do not reach spaces of power to be vases” | THE COUNTRY Mexico

EL PAIS brings together the Vice President of Colombia, the Head of Government of Mexico City and the Second Vice President of Spain to discuss women’s rights with Pepa Bueno

Claudia Sheinbaum and Pepa Bueno in the dialogue ‘Women of America for rights and well-being’, in Mexico City, on May 31, 2023.
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Live, the inauguration of the forum ‘Women of America’

The rights of women in America, their well-being and participation in politics are the focus of a meeting organized by EL PAIS, which takes place this Wednesday in Mexico City. Prominent American political figures participate in the event in person or online, such as Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of Mexico City; Francia Marquez, Vice President of Colombia; Yolanda Diaz, second vice president of Spain, all of them in dialogue with Pepa Bueno, director of this newspaper, about the challenges of women in a continent marked by inequality and violence.

“Women do not reach spaces of power to be vases,” Francia Marquez emphasized. “The end of change is not in government offices, the greatest purpose and real power is to be able to guarantee people’s rights,” continued the Vice President of Colombia, the first Afro woman to reach that position in the first Government of the country’s left. “The attacks on me are not only for what I propose but for what I represent, how I dress, how I express myself, how I behave. When I see those classist and racist attacks and aggressions, that is being a deep criticism of the intersectionality of race, class and gender ”, she has summarized.

The meeting, which is sponsored by Iberdrola Mexico and Telefonica, takes place at the National Museum of Anthropology starting at eight in the morning and includes various exhibitions and discussion tables such as the participation of women in democracy, their political rights and their representation in public life. Participating in this table are Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile; Maria Emma Mejia, former Secretary General of UNASUR; Eleonora Caroit, French deputy; Marcela Aguinaga, perfect of the provincial government of Guayas, in Ecuador; and Myriam Mendez, coordinator of Valiente es Dialogar and former director of the Ford Foundation. This table is moderated by the journalist for W Radio and columnist for EL PAIS, Gabriela Warkentin.

In a region where 2022 closed with more than 4,000 women victims of femicide, the meeting analyzes the conditions in which they can access justice, because most of these crimes also go unpunished. Of all the violent deaths of women, only between 30% and 35% are classified as femicides by the authorities, according to the National Observatory on Feminicide of Mexico, a trend that is replicated in other countries in the region. Beatriz Argimon, Vice President of Uruguay; Ernestina Godoy, Attorney General of Mexico City; and Ana Maria Salazar, former deputy assistant secretary of the Pentagon.

Sustainable development and the role of women after the covid-19 pandemic is also the subject of analysis at a round table in which Aurora Vergara, Minister of Education of Colombia; Rosa Junquera, director of sustainability at PRISA; Aimee Sentmat de Grimaldo, president of Banistmo, in Panama; and Maria Noel Vaeza, regional director of UN Women. After the event, which is also organized by PRISA Media, the Government of Mexico City and UN Women, the participants will visit two of Claudia Sheinbaum’s flagship projects in the Mexican capital: the Cablebus that runs through Iztapalapa, one of the largest delegations from Mexico City, and PILARES, a youth reintegration project through culture.


A demonstration against sexist violence in Mexico City.

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