NewsLatin AmericaFour members of the same family are killed in a new massacre in Colombia

Four members of the same family are killed in a new massacre in Colombia

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Four members of the same family have been murdered in the early hours of this Sunday in Landazuri, in the Colombian department of Santander.

The victims are a teacher identified as Alvaro Diaz Pineda; his wife, Loiden Acuna Perez, and his children, including a minor. The bodies were burned, according to the public broadcaster RTVC.

The members of the family were talking in their home when they were attacked by several subjects with a knife who later set the house on fire.

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A domestic worker who was injured managed to flee and alert the community, explained Santander’s interior secretary, Jhon Ruiz. “The employee is already receiving medical attention and once she recovers she will be able to tell us what happened to clarify this fact. Several hypotheses are being handled around the case, an alleged debt”, he explained.

The authorities have reported that the neighbors of the victims have beaten two of the aggressors to death. The two bodies were found on the public highway. Police and Army troops have been dispatched to the site to ensure security.

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Source: Europa Press


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