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    NewsWorldFormer Arizona Attorney General Buries Statement Denying Trump Fraud Claims During Senate Primary

    Former Arizona Attorney General Buries Statement Denying Trump Fraud Claims During Senate Primary

    Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Bronovich intentionally buried a staff report denying numerous false claims of voter fraud propagated by former President Donald Trump and his allies while running for the Republican Senate last year, according to a new report.

    According Washington Post, Last year, Brnovich commissioned an investigation into 10,000 hours of fraud claims made by his office staff in 2020.

    The staff report found that “virtually all” of the “false and fraudulent” claims made by pro-Trump groups claiming he lost to Joe Biden in 2020 were completely unsubstantiated.

    But Mr. Brnovich did not make that statement. Instead, he issued an April 2022 “Interim Report” announcing that “serious vulnerabilities” had been found in the electoral system, ignoring amendments made by his own staff that rejected such claims.

    He Mail The former Arizona chief prosecutor’s office compiled what it described as an “Election Review Summary” in September of last year that “consistently denied allegations of widespread fraud and made it clear that neither complaining party was itself, of state legislators, he called “electoral integrity.” » groups — have presented evidence to support their claims. «.

    However, Mr. Brnovich, who left office late last month after failing to win the Republican Senate nomination, also kept that report buried. He only made it public this week by his successor, Attorney General Chris Bayes.

    The records suppressed by the former prosecutor contain 41 pages, including two “trial summaries” and a “draft letter.” Mail saying.

    Although he did not help Trump in his bid to win the 2020 election, Brnovich was involved in allegations of fraud made by the disgraced former president as he sought higher office in last year’s election.

    Mrs. Mayes said Mail He released the records because he wants to redirect his office to protect voting rights and protect poll workers, rather than promoting conspiracy theories.

    “The people of Arizona have a right to know this information before the 2022 election,” he said. “Maricopa County Elections Officials have a right to know that they have been cleared of wrongdoing. Every American has the right to know that the 2020 presidential election in Arizona was conducted accurately and fairly.


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