NewsWorldFord fires engineers in Europe for the move to electric cars

Ford fires engineers in Europe for the move to electric cars

The American automobile company Ford will eliminate 3,800 jobs in Europe, 11% of its total workforce in this region, as part of its transition plan for the exclusive manufacture of electric vehicles, the manufacturer reported on Tuesday.

By 2025, Ford will have cut 2,800 jobs in its engineering teams to maintain some 3,400 such jobs in Europe, specializing in vehicle design and development, according to a company statement.

Similarly, it will end about 1,000 positions in its administration, marketing, sales and distribution departments.

The plan will imply the extinction of 2,300 jobs in Germany, 1,300 in the United Kingdom and another 200 in other unspecified places, out of the total of 34,000 workers that the manufacturer has in Europe.

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Company sources in Spain have indicated to EFE that a small part of those 200 jobs affected in the rest of Europe will correspond to the central offices in Madrid, in the tasks of marketing and sales and distribution, for the moment in a number without specifying

In the case of the production plant in Almussafes (Valencia), the cut will not affect or will be “minimal”.

“These are difficult decisions, which are not taken lightly. We recognize the uncertainty it creates for our team and I assure you that we will offer our full support in the coming months,” said the general manager of Ford Model in Europe, Martin. Sander.

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The company undertakes to open consultations with the social agents so that the majority of departures occur voluntarily.

The automaker’s goal is to “compete with a new lineup of iconic passenger cars,” according to the reorganization unveiled today to create a “smaller, more focused and increasingly electric” product portfolio.

“Paving the way for a sustainable and productive future requires extensive actions in the way we develop, manufacture and sell Ford vehicles. This will have an impact on the organizational structure, talent and capabilities we will need in the future,” he added. Sander.

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Starting in 2030, Ford wants to sell only electric cars in Europe and will stop selling combustion engine vans by 2035.

As part of this objective, the company has discarded small cars like the Fiesta or the Focus in the region to focus on electric models, less complicated to develop.

Source: Euronews Español


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