Technology Fitbit will link its watches with the Google account in 2023

Fitbit will link its watches with the Google account in 2023

Fitbit watches and fitness tracker -FITBIT

Fitbit has reported that from next year it will incorporate support for logging into its services with a Google account, which will be the only one available from 2025.

The latest Fitbit watches and bracelets were presented in August under the ‘Fitbit by Google’ brand, the result of its incorporation into the Google company in January 2021. From the latter they incorporate smart functions and the operating system, WearOS.

The next step in the integration is linking a Google account, that in addition to allowing the login, gives access to services of this company, such as Gmail, Maps or YouTube. Its use will be implemented next year, as Fitbit has confirmed on its Help page.

Once the Google account is implemented, it will initially coexist with Fitbit account, whose support will end in early 2025but it will be the default account for accessing Fitbit services in the future.

When support for Google account is implemented, users will be able to transfer the data from Fitbit to Google, and start signing in with Google. However, the company assures that it will share more information later.

Source: Europa Press



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