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    Fernanda Melchor: “The stories are there where the desperate people are”

    The writer Fernanda Melchor has just returned to Mexico after spending a year in Berlin, with a scholarship from the German Government, and is preparing the reissue of false hare, his first novel. In this new chapter of Speaking… to WarkentinW Radio journalist Gabriela Warkentin talks with the author of Hurricane season Y you stopped on violence in Mexico and the response from the literature. “I write about the things I know, the desperation, the feeling that there is no future,” she says. “I wrote you stopped because I started thinking about the horrible things that could happen to me as a woman in Mexico. I was trying to imagine what was behind the simple account of the events, the headline in the red note. It is not about falling only into the victimhood of the perpetrator or the victim, but about painting a picture that presents the ambiguities of each one of those who intervene. Literature is a weapon against apathy because it puts us in the place of the other”.

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    Veracruz, the state where he was born, occupies a central place in Melchor’s literature. Although her mother is from Mexico City and her father from Baja California, the writer describes herself as 100% jarocha. “Veracruz is a place that always seems to be abandoned. It’s amazing that even concrete rots. You have to have a lot of wool to keep things immaculate,” she says. “It is a place that is both very beautiful and very ugly. The port of Veracruz attracts desperate people. I feel that the stories are there where we desperate people are.”

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