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    NewsWorldFBI searches University of Delaware for classified Biden documents

    FBI searches University of Delaware for classified Biden documents

    The FBI has carried out two records at the American University of Delaware in search of classified documents Managed by the President of the United States Joe Bidenas reported by a source familiar to CNN.

    The searches, carried out in recent weeks with the consent and legal cooperation of the president, have taken place in the library of the university institutionwhich houses a collection of documents from Biden’s time in the Senate.

    Federal agents have recovered materials from two university locations on two different days. These they don’t seem to have classified brandsaccording to the source, although the FBI is now reviewing them.

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    The University of Delaware, where the US president studied, has in its possession more than 1,850 boxes of records that have not been opened to the public since the collection arrived at the university in 2012, according to its website and the aforementioned chain has collected.

    The search for documents at the University of Delaware is the latest move by US Justice to locate previously unknown classified documents in the hands of Biden.

    The FBI has searched Biden’s two houses in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, both located in the state of Delaware, as well as the Washington office of the Penn Biden Centera private entity of the president attached to the University of Pennsylvania.

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    So far, federal agents have found classified documents at Biden’s Wilmington home and in his private office.

    He scandal has questioned the management carried out by Biden regarding the supposedly protected material and has given wings to the republicanswho have used the case to denounce double standards, after the accusations made last year against Trump for also keeping documents.


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