TechnologyFacebook Gaming will close the apps for iOS and Android in October

Facebook Gaming will close the apps for iOS and Android in October

Facebook Gaming iOS App – APP STORE

FacebookGaming has announced the withdrawal of the mobile applications for iOS and Android in October, although it will maintain the gaming functions in the main application of the social network.

FacebookGaming is a video game hub that allows users to access broadcasts or broadcast their games themselves, as well as play some titles directly. In addition to a desktop version, it has mobile applications for iOS and Android since 2020.

Meta, however, has communicated that support will end on October 28 for Facebook Gaming applications, as stated in the statement shared on VGC. After that date, the ‘apps’ will no longer be operational.

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Gaming features will continue to be available in the main Facebook ‘app’, where users will find their games, broadcasts and groups.

Source: Europa Press


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