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    TechnologyFacebook and Instagram follow Twitter's lead by imposing payment verification for $14.99 per month on mobile

    Facebook and Instagram follow Twitter’s lead by imposing payment verification for $14.99 per month on mobile

    Facebook and Instagram follow Twitter’s lead by imposing payment verification for $14.99 per month on mobile

    mark zuckerberg has announced that the Meta verification system it becomes paid, a measure that is already underway in the United States.

    The verification systems of Facebook and Instagram accounts will now stop being paid subscription packages for a value of 11.99 dollars (11 euros to change) per month on the web and $14.99 (14 euros) per month on mobile devices.

    The subscription, called meta verified and which was first introduced to Austrialia and New Zealand last February, offers more benefits besides the blue account verification badge: Establish proactive protection against phishing and direct access to customer service.

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    Banning TikTok would be an early Christmas present for Mark Zuckerberg

    However, these premium services seem not getting along too well with the public. “He feedback What we have heard is that the way this part of the offering worked was causing confusion, so we are giving ourselves time to further explore its value and learn before considering expanding this component outside of Australia and New Zealand.” Meta spokeswoman Paige Cohen told The Verge.

    From now on, people who want to verify their accounts on the 2 social networks will have to pay the fee and pass an identity verification process. The process involves being over 18 years of age, sending a photo of your ID, meeting the minimum activity requirements of Meta and having 2-factor authentication activated.

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    Once the profile is verified, it will not be possible to change the username, profile name, date of birth or profile photo unless you repeat the process again.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s ambition with the metaverse evaporates

    Facebook and Instagram thus join Elon Musk’s measure of Twitter Blue, which was highly criticized and which meant a company strategy to desperately increase revenue in the face of economic difficulties and stock market falls amid staff cuts.

    Goal, which follows the same path of layoffs and cuts The rest of the big technology companies thus copy the decisions of the CEO of Twitter and Tesla, while the company’s investors personally blame Zuckerberg for mismanagement.

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