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    Europe drives interoperability and technology

    The European Next Generation reconstruction funds financially support the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for cutting-edge health, which is complex and must gain agility and flexibility, as Carlos Royo sees it. And they finance the INVEAT Plan (Investment in High Technology Equipment), endowed with 800 million euros destined to install 850 pieces of equipment, to renew the old ones and to reinforce areas with a low density of equipment. “The obsolescence situation can be reversed with INVEAT”, highlights Carlos Sisternas, who calls for a plan to keep them updated. The director of Fenin Catalunya warns that we cannot forget what is not high technology either. Ultrasound scanners, bone densitometry devices, operating room lighting…, which also age and save lives. “We ask for another plan that is dedicated to the lowest technology,” he claims, to end by reporting another piece of good news: an INVEAT for primary care, with 172 million euros, and 230 million for digitization.

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    “The Next Generations have allowed a bit of relief and we are going to benefit from this update in the technology park,” concedes Marta Villanueva, who sees risks of the system being overwhelmed by the entry of technology, digitization and new medicine. of precision. At this point, the general director of IDIS recalls the importance of having qualified personnel who manage this equipment, capable of favoring differentiated diagnoses, according to Royo. “Now that there are funds, we have a responsibility to use them well. The technological paradigm shift is entering without realizing it. This is a country commitment ”, she comments.

    single patient

    Once again Europe, this time the European Commission, is behind the drive to harmonize health information that the experts are calling for in the talk on Continuity of care and single patient, thanks to an interoperability regulation, on which it is currently working, to set a minimum that health information must include throughout the community territory, and that Spain will transpose by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, according to Angel’s calculations. of Benedict. So that “when you go to a consultation in France, Germany or any other EU country, the doctor can read a clearly interoperable summary of your pathologies and treatment”, he details.

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    This last point is included in the European Health Data Space (EHDS), which seeks, according to official information, to address the specific challenges of access to health and the sharing of electronic health data, “one of the priorities of the European Commission in the field of health, which will be an integral part of the construction of a European Union of Health”. The EHDS will create a common space “in which individuals will control their electronic health data”, and researchers, innovators and policy makers will be able to use it in a reliable and secure way, preserving the identity of individuals.

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    Very harmful obsolescence and heterogeneity

    The path to technological innovation: portfolio of services and clinical practice guidelines, promoted by IDIS, detects that 82.2% of the official clinical practice guidelines of the National Health System (SNS) are no longer valid, and that there is no systematic procedure to update technology in hospitals, which, furthermore, They are found in autonomous communities with a different budget (up to 736 euros per citizen) and complementary service portfolios to the common SNS. All this “could cause heterogeneity in the care process, compromising the principles of equity, access, universality and cohesion,” he warns.


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