TechnologyEnd-to-End Encrypted Backups Meta Tested in Messenger

End-to-End Encrypted Backups Meta Tested in Messenger

Promotional image about the new features of Meta for Messenger. – GOAL PLATFORMS.

Goal has started testing new functions of Messengersuch as the default point-to-point encryption and the possibility of creating and storing security copies or ‘backups’ of these encrypted conversations.

End-to-end encryption is a security measure that protects the messages exchanged during a conversation so that they cannot be intercepted by third parties, not even by the messaging platform itself. However, users can give their consent so that it can access said information.

This method is already present in another Meta product, WhatsApp. In the Facebook messaging ‘app’, Messenger, the activation of this encryption by the user is optional since 2017, when it introduced the Secret Conversations (‘Secret Conversations’).

Now, Meta has started testing so that point-to-point encryption is activated by default in any conversation on this messaging platform. The first tests have begun this week, according to what the technology company pointed out in a statement on its website.

Secure Storage will be the default way to protect end-to-end encrypted conversation history in Meta and will be automatically turned on for the accounts you are running these tests on.

These, in turn, will still be able to access their message history and will still have the option to report any of these messages to the company that they consider inappropriate or violate their usage policies.

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In line with this measure, Meta has also started testing a new function that stores an encrypted backup of messages exchanged on Messenger. Like the encrypted conversations, the technology company has ensured that it will not be able to access these copies or ‘backups’ unless the user reports that they have violated one of its policies.

On the other hand, he highlighted that this secure storage will be the default protection for the history of encrypted Messenger conversations. In addition, he has ensured that the user will have “multiple choices” to restore your messages if you choose to do so.

Users will be able to access these backups in two ways. One of them is through a PIN or a generated code, while the other. The other option is to restore Messenger conversations through third-party cloud services, such as iCloud in the case of devices iOS.

The technology company has recognized that this last option is “safe”, but has recalled that does not include end-to-end encryption of its Messenger messaging platform.

Finally, it has announced that it has started testing this secure storage this week on both devices with the iOS operating system and those that work with Android.

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However, this new feature has not yet been launched in the web version of Messenger, nor is it available in its desktop version or in the ‘app’ conversations that have not been encrypted.


Meta has accompanied these with other new functions that it has also begun to test and are related to Messenger’s end-to-end encryption. One of them allows the synchronization of deleted messages in the messaging network between all user devices in which the application is downloaded.

The company has also pointed out that it will begin testing the possibility of deleting encrypted messages already sent, responding to Facebook Stories and offering new ways to access encrypted calls and messages on the platform.

For example, Meta plans to include the option of encrypted calls in Messenger’s ‘Calls’ tab. In addition, point-to-point encrypted chats will also come to the hands-free mode of the glasses. Ray-Ban Storiesbut they will only be available in English.

Meta has also announced the Messenger rollout of the Code Verify solution, which was already available for whatsapp web. This functionality, which is an open source extension present in Chrome, firefox Y microsoftedge, It is used to automatically verify the authenticity of a code. In this case, when using Messenger.

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The company run by mark zuckerberg He also recalled that there are currently two Messenger functions in which encrypted messages that have already been viewed automatically disappear: the ‘vanish mode’ and temporary messages.

Meta has anticipated that the ‘vanish mode’ will no longer be available in Messenger, but the option of temporary messages, which disappear after a certain time previously established by the user, will continue to be present in the ‘Settings’ section of encrypted conversations.

The group has also recalled that the ‘vanish mode’ will continue to be available on Instagram, since the messages exchanged in this mode and on this platform they do not have end-to-end encryption.

Precisely, Meta has advanced in this document the expansion of point-to-point encrypted conversations and calls on Instagram. The company has recalled that the first tests began last year and that “soon” will reach more users and countries.

Users who participate in this test will receive a notice asking them if they want to start an encrypted point-to-point conversation. This alert will be accompanied by a reminder on how to report inappropriate messages to the company.


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