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    TechnologyElon Musk turns a staple of internet security into a paid-only feature on Twitter

    Elon Musk turns a staple of internet security into a paid-only feature on Twitter

    Twitter has announced that it will make SMS 2-step authentication a paid feature. Only Twitter Blue users will be able to access this security measure, as has been release the company in a post on your support profile.

    The measure will be effective as of March 20, 2023, at which time only those who pay for Twitter Blue will enjoy the double authentication factor.

    In its publication, Elon Musk’s company lists the advantages of 2-step authentication, in which, in addition to entering the password, it is necessary to add a code received by SMS to log in.

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    While Twitter extols this method of security, it also notes that “bad actors use and abuse double factor based on phone numbers“. This is the only reason with which they justify doing it for a fee.

    Ethics-focused Twitter team rushed to publish investigative papers ahead of Elon Musk takeover fearing they might be fired, report says

    It must be taken into account that the double authentication factor by SMS is a basic measure to protect users from cybercriminals. Although there are other, even safer ways (the use of an authenticator application or a physical security key), making one of them paid is an economic barrier for many, especially considering that the other 2 alternatives are somewhat more laborious than a simple text message.

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    What happens if you use two-factor authentication to log in to Twitter?

    If you are one of the users who used this security method, from now on you have 2 options: do without it or pay a subscription to Twitter Blue to continue using it.

    Until now, Twitter’s paid services allowed some features such as editing tweets or the blue verification icon. But as of March they add this measure that is essential for some users.

    The double authentication factor will be automatically disabled on March 20, although Twitter has clarified that this will depend on each country and operator.

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    In principle, Twitter will continue to allow you to use authenticator apps or physical security keys. The company claims in its publication that these last 2 methods “They’re a great way to ensure your account is secure.” You should consider whether to switch to one of them in the event that you were using the double factor by SMS.


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