TechnologyElon Musk assures that the end of 2023 will be a "good time" to elect the new CEO of Twitter because the company's situation...

Elon Musk assures that the end of 2023 will be a “good time” to elect the new CEO of Twitter because the company’s situation will already be “stable”

Elon Musk has advanced that his plans go through to choose another person to occupy the position of general director of Twitter at the end of 2023.

Musk spoke this Wednesday about his intention to leave the position he holds in the social network during his speech at the World Summit of Governments that is taking place these days in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), as published Bloomberg.

“Simply I have to stabilize the organizationand make sure that it is in an economically healthy place and that the product roadmap is clearly defined,” said the businessman, during a video call intervention.

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“I don’t know, I think probably later this year would be a good time to pick someone to run the company,” Musk added. “I think it should be in a stable position around, you know, the end of this year.”

The billionaire has not confirmed, yes, if he already has someone in mind to occupy the highest position on Twitter.

During the talk, Musk stated that, in his opinion, the social network is “something like an upside down startup“. “There is work to be done to bring Twitter to a stable position and really develop the engine of software engineering,” said the CEO of the company, according to Associated Press.

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Illustration of the Twitter logo on the screen of a smartphone on the silhouette of Elon Musk.Illustration of the Twitter logo on the screen of a smartphone on the silhouette of Elon Musk.

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Last October, Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion. Immediately afterwards, the businessman fired almost the entire management leadership of the company, among which was Parag Agrawal, who at that time served as CEO. In November, Musk asked staff to either commit to his “extremely strict” view of his job or leave the company.

In December, the Tesla CEO posted a poll on his personal Twitter account asking users if he should “resign as head of Twitter.” The results of the poll did not favor him: about 57.5% of the more than 17.5 million respondents they voted in favor Musk resigned as CEO of the platform.

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Hours later, the tycoon tweeted that he would stop being the CEO of Twitter when he found “someone stupid enough” to replace him. That same month, several people familiar with Musk’s plans assured Musk CNBC that the billionaire was actively seeking the next CEO of Twitter.


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