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    TechnologyElon Musk announces Twitter legal action against a "disgruntled employee" who suggested the platform was favoring his tweets

    Elon Musk announces Twitter legal action against a “disgruntled employee” who suggested the platform was favoring his tweets

    Elon Musk has announced possible legal measures by Twitter against an employee whom he points out as the main source of a report published on Platformerwhich detailed that the platform was artificially boosting and distributing with higher prevalence the tweets of the CEO himself.

    the article of Platformer was published last Wednesday and it explains that, according to company engineers, Musk asked 80 employees to find the formula to promote their own tweets more and better after a message about the Super Bowl published by US President Joe Biden garnered more interactions than he wrote.

    A Twitter user asked Musk last Friday if the article published in Platformer it was fake. The answer of the billionaire was the following:

    “The ‘source’ of the bogus article by Platformer You’re a disgruntled employee who’s been on vacation for months, has already accepted a new position at Google, and He has felt the need to go off spewing poison. Twitter will take legal action against him.”

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    He did not name the worker the company is supposed to take legal action against.

    Casey Newton, journalist at Platformerhas denied Elon Musk in statements to Business Insider. “Elon’s tweet is absolutely false. We stand by our information.”

    Elon Musk turns a staple of internet security into a paid-only feature on Twitter

    Twitter and Elon MuskTwitter and Elon Musk

    Musk sent an email to staff in December threatening workers who leaked confidential information to the media with firing, forcing the senders to respond by saying they understood, journalists from Platformer. A source familiar with the facts confirmed to Business Insider the existence of that email.

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    Elon Musk accused this Friday on Twitter to various media of having collected inaccurate information about how their tweets are distributed on the platform. He has seen reports of the performance and reach of his tweets in the last 6 months that would show that these reports are false.

    “We had a bug that caused the answers to tweets were as visible as the primary tweetsbut we have already fixed it”, assured the CEO of the company since October, with more than 129 million followers.

    Twitter, for its part, has not responded to a request for statements that it has sent Business Insider.

    In the article of Platformer It was explained how a tweet from Elon Musk about the Super Bowl had more than 9 million interactions, while the one published by President Joe Biden got 29 million. Musk then detected a problem with the scope on the platform and wanted his engineers to fix it. He threatened to fire them if they didn’t get it.according to the text.

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    other article of Platformerpublished on February 9, reported that Musk had fired an employee who had suggested how the CEO was losing popularity on his own social network.

    Since Musk took to Twitter in October, he has fired several workers after they criticized him, leaving thousands of employees in total out on the street.


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