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Educate about the importance of taking your cat to the vet

As part of the August celebration as “Month of taking your cat to the vet”this year the College of Veterinary Doctors of Puerto Rico (CMVPR) and the Royal Canin pet food brand are joining forces again to raise awareness about the importance of taking them to the veterinary doctor.

In fact, the director of marketing and sales of Royal Canin Puerto Rico, Yina Cruz, emphasizes that it is a myth that cats are from the street and for this reason they do not need to go to the vet. “Domestic cats need just as much veterinary care as dogs and can be prone to conditions that need to be monitored and cared for,” Cruz explained in a news release.

According to the information, there are studies that indicate that approximately 20% of felines have behavioral disorders that go unnoticed by their owners and that veterinary visits once they are adults decrease considerably. Most alarming of all, most medical conditions go undiagnosed.

“Conditions such as urinary obstruction and kidney problems are common in cats and this is one of the reasons why cat guardians must be consistent in their cats visits to the veterinary doctor and thus prevent health complications. In addition, it is imperative that cats be sterilized”, added Dr. Francisco E. Melendez, president of the CMVPR. “This is why we continue to lead and support the ‘Take your cat to the vet’ campaign in conjunction with Royal Canin.”

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As part of the “Bring Your Cat to the Vet Month” activities, on August 11, 18 and September 1, Royal Canin will host three “Facebook Lives” with veterinarians to answer questions about the health and behavior of cats. the cats. “The topic of the first will be on the main health problems in cats and how to prevent them,” the statement said.

The “Gatitudes” contest will also be held again on Royal Canin’s social networks so that the public can choose the cats with the most “gatitude”. Winners will receive spay/neuter certificates, food and other gifts. In addition, it was indicated that, tied to this contest, Royal Canin will also donate castration/sterilization certificates to various organizations that rescue cats on the Island.

According to the information provided, one of the reasons why people do not take their cats to the veterinary doctor could be that the trip with the cat can become difficult, since the personality of this species is different from that of dogs since many do not like to be removed from their habitat.

Here are some tips from International Cat Care to make the visit to the veterinary clinic more pleasant for both the cat and its guardian

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Before the visit

Cats should always go to the veterinary doctor in a package or kennel. The best is a rigid one whose lid can be removed. It should be long enough for the cat to fit comfortably and wide enough for her to turn around. For him to get used to it, the lump must be in a quiet place in the house as one more part of the furniture, with the door open and fixed so that it cannot close suddenly and scare the cat when entering or leaving. Inside there should be a soft bed or a towel and a toy that he likes very much.

the day of the visit

– The cat should be put in the package in advance and without haste, with a toy and food. It is ideal that he/she is the one who decides to enter and we do not force him/her in.

– Notify the veterinary clinic when you leave with our cat to ask if there are dogs in the waiting room or too many people. If so, the best thing would be to wait in your vehicle and coordinate the entrance.

– Stay calm so as not to pass on our anxiety to the cat.

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– Cover the “kennel” or bundle with a towel or blanket.

– Avoid hitting the lump with objects or with our legs. The most advisable thing is to carry it in our arms and talk to the cat calmly.

– In the car, verify that the package or “kennel” is secured with the seat belt. Be careful with the volume of music and other sounds.

In the waiting room

– Do not put the package on the floor if there are dogs in the room and keep it covered.

back to the house

If there are several cats in your home, we must bear in mind that, on many occasions, when one of them returns from the veterinary doctor, an episode of aggressiveness may appear on the part of the cats that have remained in the house. It is important that, in these cases, when we get home we take the cat that has gone out to a dark room, place the package on the floor with the door open and give the cat time to get out. All the cats in the house should be brought together after a few hours of the arrival of the one who has gone to the veterinarian, always observing the reaction of the others.


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