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    LifestyleDriving a dirty car is a reason for a fine: the DGT penalizes you with 200 euros if you do not clean these parts...

    Driving a dirty car is a reason for a fine: the DGT penalizes you with 200 euros if you do not clean these parts of your vehicle

    The DGT penalizes all those offenses that it considers dangerous for road safety.

    Surely you know the fines of up to 600 euros and 6 points on the driver’s license for speeding, or the sanctions with which Traffic punishes you if you drive after having consumed alcohol.

    These imprudence are understood by all, since they are behaviors that seriously affect road safety and cause accidents.

    However, there are other punishable offenses that few drivers are aware of. For example, the fines that the DGT can give you for driving a dirty car.

    This is the reason why you can suspend the ITV and that few drivers know about, according to the DGT

    Having an impeccable car is not just an aesthetic issue. If the dirt is excessive or affects certain components of the car, it can also become dangerous.

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    Next, the cases in which the DGT can fine you for driving a dirty caras they show in Digital Economy.

    These are the cases in which the DGT fines you for driving a dirty car

    A very clear example of dirt that affects driving occurs in winter. When snow accumulates on the windows of the car you must remove it before driving, leaving no trace of her. Otherwise, you will endanger road safety. That is why the DGT penalizes you with a fine of between 80 and 200 euros.

    Another common case is driving with traces of ice on the windshield. Even if you think that visibility is sufficient, the truth is that you can make mistakes while driving and end up causing an accident, precisely because part of your vision is covered. The fine is 80 euros.

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    To remove ice from the windshield correctly you have to make a mixture with a part of water and 2 parts of alcohol. Once you have prepared the liquid, you must spray it on the ice plate and wait for it to act. In a matter of seconds you will see how it is undone.

    Having a dirty car license plate is also a reason for a fine. This component of the vehicle must be able to be correctly identified. If the numbers are barely visible due to dirt, the DGT can punish you with a fine of 200 euros.

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    Finally, you must also take special care with the headlights of your vehicle. It is common for them to fill with dirt and even acquire a yellowish tone. This causes them to not work correctly and you can have problems on the road.

    To clean yellowed car headlights you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. One tablespoon of baking soda is enough for one deciliter of vinegar. You have to apply the mixture and let it act. Once you have finished, you must pass a clean cloth and a little wax.


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