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Dozens of people take to the streets in Havana to protest the blackouts


Dozens of people have demonstrated in Havana, the Cuban capital, against the blackouts, which have worsened as a result of Hurricane Ian passing through the Caribbean island this week.

Shouting “we want light,” protesters have gathered in various parts of the city to protest against the situation the island is going through and demand the resumption of electricity supply, according to information from the Radio Television Marti network.

Several protesters have indicated in statements to the newspaper ‘El Toque’ that the population “is tired of it always being the same” and have warned that “it is already too much”. “Here there is no revolution, here what there is is an involution, involution and repression,” another protester has indicated.

The authorities have deployed Army troops in the area, a measure that has been criticized by local and international NGOs. The director of Amnesty International for the Americas, Erika Guevara-Rosas, has denounced the deployment and stated that the organization “demands the Government of (President) Diaz-Canel to end the repression and address the demands and claims of those who protest,” according to a statement.

During his visit on Thursday to the municipality of Batabano, in Mayabeque, the Cuban president has been booed by residents of the area, who have prevented his passage while pronouncing slogans such as “he is laughing at the people” and “we are tired.”

Despite the fact that the National Electric Union has reported that service has been resumed in more than a dozen Cuban provinces, many residents have assured that they are still without electricity.

Source: Europa Press



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