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Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis avoid direct confrontation at their parallel rallies in Florida

Donald Trump is used to calling his political rivals nicknames. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is Crazy Nancy Pelosi (crazy). President Joe Biden is, among others, sleepy joe, drowsy or sleepy. His rival in 2016 was “the corrupt Hillary”. There is a wikipedia entry dedicated to the nicknames that he hands out to his rivals, even within his party. When he nicknamed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Saturday, it was clear that he sees him as a rival within his party for the 2024 presidential election. This Sunday, Trump and DeSantis competed with parallel rallies in Florida, but the two avoided the confrontation.

At a rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Trump called the Florida governor “Ron DeSanctimonious,” making a pun on his last name and the word holy, which means pious or prudish. DeSantis, who is almost guaranteed re-election as governor this Tuesday, sounds like a likely Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. No one doubts that if Trump did not participate, he would take the step and be the favorite. With the former president on the scene and his rise on the base of the Republican Party, things are not so easy.

The fact that this Sunday Trump participated in a rally with Senator Marco Rubio and other Republican candidates in Florida, but that DeSantis gave another parallel rally at the same time was already a sign of how both look at each other with mistrust and have distanced themselves. That is why the interventions of both this Sunday were expected with some morbidity, but both have avoided facing each other.

Trump has only quoted DeSantis once, and without a nickname: “In two days, the people of Florida are going to re-elect the wonderful, great friend of mine, Marco Rubio as senator. And you’re going to elect Ron DeSantis as your governor.” It was the first minute of the meeting and he has not been mentioned again. DeSantis has also not responded to Trump. He has dedicated all of his attacks to the president, Joe Biden, a potential rival for 2024, but from the other party, although some references to him, such as his management of the pandemic, could be indirectly understood as a criticism of Trump.

With its 21.5 million inhabitants, Florida has established itself as a red State, the Republican color, and essential for that party’s presidential race. Both Rubio and DeSantis are almost guaranteed re-election this Tuesday.

Ron DeSantis gives a speech this Sunday in Florida.Octavio Jones (AFP)

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campaign closures

After his speech in Miami, Trump will give his last campaign rally this Monday in Ohio, where the Republican candidate for senator, JD Vance, author of Hillbilly, a country elegy, He is one of his proteges. He has a comfortable lead, though not so wide as to throw him off. His rival, the moderate Democrat, has had a more worked-out campaign, but Ohio, previously seen as a perfect thermometer of the country’s electoral trend, has also turned red under Trump. He won there in 2016 and in 2020, breaking the thesis that whoever wins in Ohio achieves the presidency.

Biden, for his part, has been in the State of New York this Sunday, supporting the re-election of Kathy Hochul as governor. Although it is undoubtedly a Democratic state, his advantage has narrowed against Republican Lee Zaldin. Former President Bill Clinton has also come out to support him.

The president closes his campaign this Monday with a rally in Maryland in support of the candidate for governor, Wes Moore. Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen has a comfortable lead for re-election, but the White House has not announced his presence at the event. Biden has concentrated most of his campaign in Democratic strongholds and, with the main exception of Pennsylvania, has avoided rallies in states where the Senate is up for grabs in case his presence backfired.

On Tuesday, the 435 members of the House of Representatives are renewed, with a term of two years and a distribution by States in proportion to their population, and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, where those elected are for six years (each State it has two senators regardless of the population and approximately one third is renewed every two years). The polls point to a relatively comfortable Republican victory in the House of Representatives, while in the Senate the result is very tight.

Along with Congress, numerous state and local officials are elected, including the governors of 36 states. In addition, 132 referendums are held in 37 States on issues as varied as abortion, the legalization of marijuana, compulsory unionization, restrictions on voting, the system of forced labor or semi-slavery for prisoners, the legalization of sports betting or the minimum wage for waiters (read, the end of high quasi-compulsory tips).

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