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    Does MC play covert or is it pure smoke?

    Does MC play covert or is it pure smoke?

    In 2017, when the winds of change were already felt and each political decision was judged with an air of great importance, Movimiento Ciudadano chose –as now- not to launch candidates in the elections of Coahuila and the State of Mexico.

    “It is not a matter of bringing candidacies that are not competitive,” Dante Delgado told El Pais in an interview with Luis Pablo Beauregard in July of that year. In that talk, the Veracruz politician boasted that they had been growing alone for five years, without making alliances (a streak that they broke in 2018, when they were part of the coalition that nominated Ricardo Anaya for the presidency).

    Despite this, in 2023, the new withdrawal of MC from those state elections has been judged with severity and suspicion. For some it is a disappointment, for others an act of scabbing in favor of Morena, and for some it is an enigma.

    Movimiento Ciudadano announced on March 6 that it would have no candidates in Coahuila or the State of Mexico. He accused that these elections were a farce since the Lopez Obrador regime and the PRI had agreed to share the governorships. The tricolor would keep the first and Morena with the second.

    The Institutional Revolutionary reacted harshly to MC. Due to their refusal to join the opposition coalition, the PRI pointed to the oranges as the true traitors, by limiting the possibility of containing the advance of the ruling party. It will be about State elections, with two blocks against which it would be impossible to compete, Dante’s respond. And there are PAN members who mumble that Delgado will say anything, but his decision helps Morena.

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    The sea of ​​speculation does not seem to bother Dante, who skips these two important stops before 2024 while he meets with all kinds of leaders to trace -again- his own route towards the elections next year, when the Presidency, Congress will be renewed. of the Union and nine governorships.

    In Dante there is an unshakable faith in the future. For the organization that has carved by hand since 1999, it does not sound bad that after a quarter of a century they are going to displace the PRI, which in the year of the founding of Convergence (the antecedent of MC) had the Presidency and a good part of of the governorships, and on the other hand, this year the PRI members could end up with only one governorship (Durango), or two if they manage to retain Coahuila, since winning the Government Palace of Toluca today sounds like an improbable feat.

    By withdrawing from this year’s elections, Dante is pursuing several goals. He leaves, first of all, exposed to the PRI, the party he seeks to symbolically displace from third national place. In addition, with a defeat for the PRI members, even if only in Edomex, he weakens the idea that alliances are the panacea (something that Dante has questioned for some time); and finally avoid being portrayed as a tiny party that gets pulverized between two major coalitions.

    Dante decided to check this hand so as not to play the competitive match card on a no-future bet. And he haggles over his immediate support for other opponents because once he is delivered, he would be left with little room for negotiation in the myriad of candidacies that could agree with some of the opposition in 2024.

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    After the June elections, Dante will flirt with the PAN in order to ponder a path without PRI ballast. This strategy has been questioned for months by the PRI, which points out that precisely in 2018 it was proven that a coalition of the Blue and Whites with MC and the Democratic Revolution party is not attractive to the electorate, since Ricardo Anaya, the candidate supported by those three organizations, five years ago he stayed very far from threatening Morena.

    Accustomed to imposing his will and point of view, Delgado will not have an easy time facing those who question the inconsistency of himself being one of the most vocal promoters of the fear that AMLO intends an authoritarianism and, at the same time, an egocentric politician who When it comes to facing Morena at the polls, he plays fundamentally taking care of the objectives of his partisan brand, not what Mexico would require.

    In the same way, having prevented Nuevo Leon from falling into the hands of Morena in 2021 did not produce in Coahuila, a neighboring entity that the emecist Samuel Garcia governs today, some kind of contagion or massive illusion by the military in MC that would lead the oranges to have cadres to compete in this year’s elections.

    It is known that Dante Delgado is a great talent recruiter, but his party does not show itself at the national level as a robust organization, territorially complex, or anchored in a popular militancy. That is another of the PRI’s arguments for not giving in to the idea that Movimiento Ciudadano will have the helm of a coalition in 2024: they may have drag names, but they do not have the structure that the tricolor believes it still has in the Republic.

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    In this regard, Dante has the idea that an alliance can be made with local leaderships of all kinds, including and above all non-partisan, so that from below the possibility of a vigorous opposition force can be found, one that is much more than an agreement. cupular.

    In any case, on the night of Sunday June 4 there will be an urgent reality of decisions. The PAN, which received the PRI’s promise to hand over the decisions of the main opposition candidacies in 2024, will run into an MC who will try to appear empowered despite the fact that he had no candidates in Edomex and Coahuila.

    Dante Delgado will insist that he presides over the brand with the most growth and least discredit. And he will tell the four winds that Movimiento Ciudadano is the faithful one that will tip the balance in favor of the opposition. Then we will see if people believe him, if they follow him with the fervor that the game of the covered up arouses; or if it turns out that we are dealing with a trick in which, after the smoke of the controversy has cleared, it will be seen that MC is nothing more than a small party, with isolated victories and a leader who manages to get too much talk about him. But nothing else.


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