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    HealthDisconnect to connect: rest is also planned

    Disconnect to connect: rest is also planned

    We have an ultra-planned life to be ultra -productive and to take advantage of every last minute of our fleeting passage through life.

    We plan everything: the time to wake up, the time to go to sleep, the professional agenda, the few free hours that we have left after a working day and even vacations.

    We often need a vacation after a vacation. Everything up to the minute, each scheduled visit, reserved tickets, scheduled trips. What stress!

    We plan everything except the most important: the moments of rest. We are not superheroes nor is our energy infinite no matter how much caffeine we put into our bodies.

    Now that we have had a few articles together and we trust each other, I have to confess one thing to you: I am tremendously planned and, at the same time, tremendously improvising.

    But can you plan and improvise at the same time? Well of course. I plan to ‘work’ during July and August. Yes, you read that right, ‘traveling’ is a concept that I love. In fact right now I am writing from my motorhome somewhere near the Sierra de la Marina in Mallorca. I recently spent a few days in Menorca and in a few days I’m off to Provence to finish the month of July in the Dolomites. In the mornings I work on my next book and some afternoons I reserve for online sessions. I have already made it clear: I am an atypical psychologist.

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    What I will do those days or where I will be after the Dolomites is a mystery. What will I do during the month of August? Well, a complete unknown as well. I’ll go where the wind takes me, close the agenda for online sessions and slow down with the new book. You know why? Well, because my planning includes moments for activity but also for restdisconnection or open to any activity, but without determining the activity.

    My planning is flexible and open planning, capable of adapting to changes in the context, to new unforeseen needs, to whatever arises.

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    But, without a doubt, the most important part of my planning is that I set aside time to disconnect, rest, nourish myself, to regenerate my mind, my body and my state of mind.

    flexible planning

    I plan my hours of sleep, I plan my breaks between sessions, I plan my hours to walk in the mountains, to read and to do everything that nourishes me, whether it is productive or not. But what is productive and what is not? I come up with great ideas walking in the woods, I write entire pages in my head while sitting looking at the horizon, I come up with great ideas while reading any book or watching a movie and develop concepts or solve problems while resting after eating, keep my eyes open or closed.

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    But not only that. After a good nap -they are usually short, ten or fifteen minutes- I come back more vital and energetic than ever. In the mornings, from six to ten, after having rested during the night, I am super productive and if necessary in the middle of the morning I go to do some sport or rest in my armchair to think/read/dream for a while.

    After a day of disconnection I come back more active than ever and, of course, after a few weeks of vacation, I come back more inspiredcreative and enthusiastic than ever. I love my job but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to discouragement, fatigue or tiredness.

    How could it be otherwise, in order to have a beautiful life, you need to know how to think beautifully and of course, rest beautifully. See you after the summer, in September. I promise more articles, more beautiful moments and more inspirations to be able to have a beautiful life.



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