NewsLatin AmericaDina Boluarte orders the definitive withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador in Mexico

Dina Boluarte orders the definitive withdrawal of the Peruvian ambassador in Mexico

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, this Friday during an appearance.Presidency of Peru (EFE/Peru Presidency)

The president of Peru has taken another step in the escalation of diplomatic tension with the governments of the region. If last week, Congress declared a person non grata to the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, this Friday Dina Boluarte has announced a drastic measure against the Executive of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador: the definitive withdrawal of the ambassador of Peru in Mexico. Accompanied by the Prime Minister, Alberto Otarola, and the Foreign Minister, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, Boluarte has offered a very brief message to the nation in which she has recorded her discomfort towards her counterpart. The bilateral relationship will be reduced to business managers.

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“I strongly reject the expressions made by the President of Mexico on the internal affairs of Peru and his unacceptable questions that he repeatedly makes about the constitutional and democratic origin of my Government. Mr. Lopez has decided to support the coup d’etat by former President Pedro Castillo, the same one that generated the unanimous rejection of the institutions that make up the democratic order in Peru”, pointed out the head of state, who has been discussed by the population since that the presidential band crossed on December 7 after Castillo’s failed self-coup.

Lopez Obrador had expressed himself in very harsh terms against Boluarte in the morning, calling her a “spurious president” and remarking her high level of disapproval. “Even so, they rule with bayonets and with repression, with force. There are already more than 60 murdered and in those same polls the majority of the people of Peru are asking for elections to be called, for the people to decide, ”he stated during his morning press conference. The Mexican president also recounted his meeting with former first lady Lilia Paredes, who was granted political asylum along with Castillo’s children. “She is an exceptional, humble, good woman, who came to thank me for what she did with them, to tell me about her children, who are studying. We are trying to ensure that they do not lack anything, help them, ”she said.

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“With his statements, Mr. Lopez violates the principle of international law on non-interference in internal affairs, as well as those referring to the defense and promotion of democracy. Mr. Lopez has decided to seriously affect the bicentennial relations of mutual respect, friendship, cooperation, and desire for integration that have historically united Peru and Mexico by favoring ideological affinities to the detriment of important integration processes that benefit our peoples, such as the Pacific Alliance. ”, Dina Boluarte pointed out in her speech. From now on, she added, the diplomatic relationship between the two countries “will be formally at the level of charge d’affaires.”

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