Business Díaz defends the union’s “absolute legitimacy” to demand wage increases through mobilization

Díaz defends the union’s “absolute legitimacy” to demand wage increases through mobilization

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, in a file image. – Jesus Hellin – Europa Press

The second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, defended this Monday the “absolute legitimacy” of the unions to call “as many mobilizations as they deem appropriate” to demand a wage increase from employers.

CCOO and UGT have started a mobilization campaign, under the slogan ‘Salary or conflict’, to stress the negotiating tables of collective agreements and force companies to agree to salary increases. In addition, the unions have promised to continue with this strategy during the autumn.

Upon his arrival at the closing of a conference organized by the CCOO, Díaz has once again expressed his support for the unions, for their contribution to the “widening of democracy”, and has agreed with them on the need to raise wages, a recommendation that the European Central Bank (ECB) also does, as the minister pointed out.

“I am aware of the complexity of the economic and social moment we live in. I am also aware that wages are not the cause of the inflation that we have in our country. The way out of this crisis cannot come by sacrificing the usual and I also say that it is necessary to raise wages in our country”, the Minister of Labor stressed in statements to the media.

Díaz has recalled that inflation at 10.2%, according to the advance data for June, is impoverishing everyone in general but is particularly affecting families with fewer resources.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor has asked to “empathize with the citizens”, after assuring this Sunday, in an interview with ‘El País’, that the Government “lacks a soul”.

Despite these statements, Díaz recalled that the coalition government (PSOE and UP) “has taken the most progressive measures” and “has changed people’s lives.” Díaz has also insisted that these policies have made it possible to come out of the crisis in a different way than the one that occurred during the financial crisis, managed by the PP and the then president, Mariano Rajoy.

“The way out has to do with raising wages and improving people’s lives,” Diaz insisted, noting that in labor matters, and thanks to its reform and social protection measures, the country has “better figures” than when she came to the Government.

Source: Europa Press



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