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Diablo 4 “Queued for Login” Message, Game Crashes, Other Issues Open Beta Released

At least the blizzard gave us a warning this time. He Diablo IV The studio put out a notice ahead of the open beta this weekend, and players will no doubt experience login queues and waiting to play the game. With the floodgates open, the game’s servers continue to struggle with an “unusual amount” of players trying to get in. basically Deja vu After many problems last weekend.

This means that many players see queues of half an hour or more, which doesn’t seem so bad. Unfortunately, in practice this can take much longer. Players report that their queue times increase after the clock reaches zero or near zero. Others log in only to immediately fail and have to rejoin the queue from the top. You may be at the end of the queue for a “login token expired” message. Very disappointing!

Blizzard said this would be the case, noting that it was designed to accommodate beta bugs, server issues, and more to begin with. In other words, even if it doesn’t work right now, all of this testing will help developers prepare for release and lead to a better and more consistent launch experience.

If you’re having trouble signing in, you can try again later or wait in line for a while. Fold some clothes. Wash the dishes. Keep checking to make sure you’re making progress and that you’re not logged in yet. You don’t want to kick.

Another tip: Log out or close completely and try logging back in before playing. Some players report that it helps.

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