NewsWorldDay of demonstrations against Putin in France: "A terrorist state threatens all of Europe"

Day of demonstrations against Putin in France: “A terrorist state threatens all of Europe”

Remembering the first year of Vladimir Putin’s colonial war against Ukraine, several tens of thousands of Ukrainian, French, Polish, Romanian, Czech refugees they manifested Saturday afternoon in Paris and a dozen provincial capitals repeating cries of this type: “Putin, murderer, terrorist, you will be tried for your crimes…!”.

On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning there were demonstrations against Putin’s Russia in cities such as Tours, Marseille, Lyon, Dijon, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, among others. Loudly and with banners, young demonstrators, not so young, very old and in families, repeated complaints of this type: “Ukrainians are dying all over Europe.” «A terrorist state threatens all of Europe». “Let’s send tanks and planes to the Ukrainians who are fighting for our freedom.” “The Russian empire is falling apart, let’s help the Russians free themselves from tyranny.”

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“A Question of Solidarity”

A spokesman for the ‘Union of Ukrainians of France’ and ‘Ukrainian Solidarity Network’ associations declared on Saturday afternoon at the end of the Parisian demonstration: “This is about solidarity actions very important. It is about remembering that war is not just a military, strategic issue. It is also a question of solidarity between peoples”.

Raphaël Glucksmann, essayist and MEP told a group of European journalists: “Solidarity between the European peoples is essential. It is enough to try to imagine what would have happened if Putin had managed to impose his tyranny in kyiv, in the Ukraine. All Europe would be threatened. The resistance of the Ukrainian people is simply essential for our freedoms.”

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