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    EntertainmentDanger! Producer apologizes for 'horrendous mistake' and reveals weird secret

    Danger! Producer apologizes for ‘horrendous mistake’ and reveals weird secret

    Danger!  Producer apologizes for ‘horrendous mistake’ and reveals weird secret

    TO Danger! The producer spilled a secret on the show while apologizing for a “horrendous mistake” in a recent episode.

    On March 9, viewers of the game show were disappointed when a video of the contestants’ final scores was shown during host Mayim Bialik’s keynote speech.

    The timing messed up the entire episode, and now executive producer Michael Davis has revealed why the error occurred.

    He speaks on that day Danger within! podcast, Davies said: “Batting well, apologies to all of our audience.”

    He continued: “We totally blew her at the top of the show. We made a terrible mistake by revealing the final score in the opening cut during Mayim’s monologue.

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    Providing a rare insight into the production of the series, Davis later said that the show’s opening segment would often be reshot after the game, with cut shots, including the final scores of the contestants, replaced by the same footage from the beginning. .

    “It’s standard practice to make the podium scores revert to the original,” he said, adding that for some reason it “just didn’t happen” on that particular day, and no one in post-production caught on to the mistake.

    “It was a series of mistakes and they were all significant in some way,” Davis said, but assured the audience that the protocols will now “prevent this from happening again.”

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    He said: “My whole point is not to focus on what happened and why it happened to punish people. This is what happened, why it happened, so we can create a protocol to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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    ‘Danger!’ He gave the results of a chapter at the beginning.


    Davies apologized to “anyone whose experience on this project was ruined”, continuing: “We take these mistakes very seriously, a self-flagellation to the senior management team and the postal team and everyone involved.”

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    “That’s good Danger. We take mistakes very seriously.


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