News Latin America Cuba extends validity of passports and eliminates costly extension

Cuba extends validity of passports and eliminates costly extension

The Cuban government decided to eliminate the extension every two years of the Cuban passport and extended the validity of the document to 10 years, as reported on Tuesday on his Twitter account by the director general of Consular Affairs and Attention to Cubans Residents Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Soberon Guzman.

The official said that the measure comes “as part of the continuous strengthening of Cuba’s ties with its nationals abroad” and will enter into force on July 1.

Official Cuban media replicated the information.

What are the measures announced on Tuesday?

1-Extend the validity of passports to 10 years for those over 16 years of age, and 5 years for minors; eliminate the extension requirement and reduce the cost of passports at consulates, setting the price at 180 dollars/euros for those over 16 years of age and 140 dollars/euros for minors.

2-Equate the length of stay in Cuba of Cubans residing abroad and their foreign relatives (spouses and children).

3-Establish for emigrants before January 1, 1971 the use of the Cuban passport to enter Cuba, according to the new Constitution.

3-The extension of stay abroad beyond 24 months, automatic and free of charge, announced in March 2020, with the aim of supporting Cubans who were abroad during a critical period of COVID, also remains in force -19.

The official said that these measures seek to facilitate Cuban travel abroad, their return to Cuba and increase their participation in the political, economic and social life of their country of origin.

He announced that more details about these migratory-consular measures will be informed in the next few hours through the local media and on digital pages of the Ministry of the Interior and Cuban consulates.

Source: VOA Espanol



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