GamingControversy with James Gunn for his controversial casting strategy

Controversy with James Gunn for his controversial casting strategy

The developer of the new Suicide Squad video game promises not to work for DC Comics again if James Gunn intends to continue with his plans to unify everything.

It is clear that cinema, television, comics, streaming and video games are different ways of entertaining, which is why it is so difficult to unite all this in a saga. Now James Gunn wants live-action actors to lend their voices to other media as well, and this has collided head-on with Del Walkercreator of the trilogy Batman: Arkham and the next Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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This is how he expressed it on his social networks:

“James Gunn just said that DC Comics wants the characters in the movie, the games, and the animation to be consistent and played by the same actors.”

“I will never work on a DC Comics title again if it sticks. You’ve gone crazy if you think Hollywood can beat Tara Strong’s Harley or any other voice actor.”

“These writers and voice actors do 100 versions of everything. They’re in the booth doing 600 lines of dialogue just to end up with 20 of the best in the game. Think you’ll get Robert Pattinson to beat a voice actor? And for a budget that makes sense? Good luck”.

“Video games and cartoons are not 2-hour Pixar movies. These media have thousands of lines. Hours of dialogue”.

“The only two movie actors I’ve ever seen keep up are Mark Hamill’s Joker and Haley Joel Osment’s Sora (Kingdom Hearts). And they became complete dubbing actors. They cleared their schedule for years.” concluded Del Walker.

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Do you think that James Gunn will create a unified Universe in DC Comics in the most fucking Marvel Studios style? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.


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