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    TechnologyCompanies start replacing workers with ChatGPT despite warnings from its creator: "It should not be used for anything important"

    Companies start replacing workers with ChatGPT despite warnings from its creator: “It should not be used for anything important”

    since it appeared ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has taken over practically everything. And while it has plenty of day-to-day positives and is downright “awesome,” it also has its downsides.

    I could easily write phishing emails, do class work with no problem, or even take the job of many professionals.

    ChatGPT appeared at the end of November and reached its stable version in mid-February. Now, as a report from Resume Builder which is echoed fortune many companies have implemented or plan to integrate AI into their companies.

    So far so good, the problem? That of the 1,000 business leaders in the report, many have assured that ChatGPT has replaced workers in their companies.

    To be exact, companies use ChatGPT for a variety of reasons: 66% to write code, 58% for content writing and creation, 57% for customer support, and 52% for meeting summaries and other tasks.

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    And there is more. In the recruitment process, 77% of companies that use ChatGPT use it to help write job descriptions, 66% to write interview requests, and 65% to respond to applications.

    “There is a lot of excitement around using ChatGPT,” explains Stacie Haller, Senior Career Advisor at Resumebuilder.com, in a statement.

    “As this new technology is increasing in the workplace, workers surely need to think about how it may affect their current job responsibilities. The results of this survey show that employers seek to simplify some job responsibilities using ChatGPT“, keep going.

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    ChatGPT is for idiots

    “Overall, most business leaders are impressed with the work of ChatGPT,” he continues. “55% say the quality of work produced by ChatGPT is ‘excellent’while 34% say it is ‘very good'”, he says.

    Now, despite the enormous reception, ChatGPT is not exempt from controversy: plagiarism or sexist or racist responses are just a few examples. It must be taken into account that the AI ​​has been trained in a specific way and there are already many voices that assure that it must be treated as a toy and not as a tool.

    Even Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has already warned that ChatGPT “shouldn’t be used for anything important.”

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    “Just as technology has evolved and replaced workers in recent decades, ChatGPT can affect the way we work. As with all new technology, the use of ChatGPT by businesses will continually evolve, and we are only at the beginningsays Haller of Resume Builder.

    “The economic model for using ChatGPT is also evolving,” he continues. “It will be interesing see how this plays out in terms of savingsas well as the reorganization of certain jobs within companies”.

    Almost all of the companies that use ChatGPT said they have saved money with the tool, with 48% saying they have saved more than €47,000 and 11% saying they have saved more than €94,000.


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