News Latin America Colombian singers Fanny Lu and Arelys Henao come together in “Pacto de...

Colombian singers Fanny Lu and Arelys Henao come together in “Pacto de olvido”

Colombian singers Fanny Lu and Arelys Henao come together in “Pacto de olvido”

The Colombian singer Fanny Lucia Martinez Buenaventura, artistically known as Fanny, has presented her new single “Pacto de olvido” and is preparing her next tour to cities in Latin America and the United States.

The singer known as the “queen of Tropipop” joins in a musical collaboration with artist Arelys Henao, Colombian “queen of popular music” on this single. Cesar Mortecho and Mariana Lopez are the composers of “Pacto de olvido”.

“Always carrying your flag with you, selling your country with all the qualities it has, is a privilege. That they recognize you as a Colombian and that they feel you are a Latino, that you arrive in Mexico and they tell you: the most Mexican Colombian, that the Hispanic public in the US receive you with affection and support you, it is something wonderful”, said Fanny Lu in conversation with the voice of america about your work.

Both artists say that they decided to “join” their talents to sing to the rhythm of the regional Mexican genre.

“For me it is very nice to record with the ‘Queen of Tropipop’, so it has been special to make this song. We have a very beautiful friendship with Fanny, from the first moment we had in mind producing a song, but the pandemic had prevented it,” Henao told the VOA.

Fanny Lu says that “the public chooses you, asks you and accompanies you to grow”,

Regarding her experience on international stages, Fanny Lu maintains: “Each country has been very special for the public, who feels as if you were from that place. I feel Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Mexican, Central American, thanks to that divine Hispanic population who is always looking for references to feel closer to her country. I feel loved and I owe it to them because I wouldn’t be here”.

This year, the artist born in Cali, Colombia, will not only be on the most important stages of the continent, but also plans to appear in a soap opera soon. “I’m very excited, now I’m going to Mexico in August to launch a soap opera, with an audience that allows me to get closer to this genre (Mexican regional music),” said Fanny Lu.

The artist began her artistic work in two of the most important radio stations in Colombia, before entering the music industry with her first single “No te pido flores”, with which she managed to establish herself not only in Colombia but in countries like Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Her songs “Tu no eres para mi”, “El Perfume” and “Celos” have positioned themselves on the Billboard list of Latin hits, which have consolidated her as one of the most important artists in the region.

With more than 20 years on stage, Fanny Lu assures that “her audience has allowed her to experiment in different genres” and that she hopes to continue “surprising” her fans with other genres.

In this sense, he specified that this is what he tries to do with this song, a duet with Arelys Henao, with whom he has worked with his heart to present to the public “a song with a powerful message of love, of living with a light heart.” , who reassess and who gives himself permission to be happy”.

Source: VOA Espanol



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