News World Colombian guerrilla threatens to kill María Corina Machado

Colombian guerrilla threatens to kill María Corina Machado

Colombian guerrilla threatens to kill María Corina Machado

The presidential candidateMaría Corina Machado is in the goal of the Colombian narco-guerrillaNational Liberation Army (ELN), protected by the Nicolás Maduro regime, upon receiving death threats in the middle of the electoral campaign of the Venezuelan opposition primaries.

This Saturday the command of the favorite candidate of the polls in the tachira state dawned with threatening graffiti on the walls: “Death to María Corina”, “Primaries without María Corina”.

The graffiti appeared at the command on Calle 5, corner of Carrera 10 in the town of the cold in the border state of Táchira, which would be inaugurated this Monday morning.

Mercedes Ramírez, regional coordinator of Sell ​​Venezuelathe party founded by Machado, expressed: “This is the facade of the house of freedom that is going to be inaugurated this coming Monday in the García de Hevia Municipality in Táchira, this simply translates into fear and whatever they do, they will not stop us, we are going for Freedom, we are going to the end,” he said defiantly.

María Corina has been touring various regions of the interior. Yesterday in Valle de la Pascua in Guárico, center of the country, the Bolivarian National Guard prevented him from passing on the highway. The candidate approached the uniformed officers to ask them to open traffic and complain that they only prevented her and her team from doing so.

The pre-candidate María Corina Machado in Valle de la Pascua


Despite the obstacles on the road, Machado was able to sneak away on a motorcycle to reach Valley of the Easter where her supporters were waiting for her. She managed to evade the uniformed and the “colectivos” violent armed chavista paramilitary groups. In that place, she took a mass bath to show that the more the Nicolás Maduro regime prevents her from passing, the more votes she wins in the campaign.



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