News Latin America Colombia: Military from eight countries participate in Category 5 hurricane drill

Colombia: Military from eight countries participate in Category 5 hurricane drill

Colombia: Military from eight countries participate in Category 5 hurricane drill

Some 2,000 men and women from the Naval Forces of Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, and Peru participated in a natural disaster drill in Colombia, which was mainly based on an exercise to respond to a hurricane. of category 5.

The drill, called “Solidarex 2023” was carried out by 12 warships, seven urban search and rescue groups, six diving groups, four helicopters, three pre-hospital care groups and two coast guard rapid reaction units.

“You have observed important rescue activities at sea, as well as urban rescue in collapsed areas. We have also simulated exercises to rescue sunken ships, rescue people at sea and we have also done an important emergency exercise with hazardous materials and simulating oil spills”, he told the voice of america Francisco Cubides, Commander of the Colombian Navy.

He added that “all this in the framework of a simulated situation that can be caused in the event of a hurricane or even a tsunami.”

With the development of this meteorological phenomenon, Ramond Kutnick, a doctor of the United States Army, mentioned to VOA that with the “simulation” of these natural disasters such as category 5 hurricanes “seeking” to act in a timely manner.

“At the end of the day we are always trying to be more competent and to offer the best level of care that we can to victims and our patients in general. So every time we get the opportunity to practice this in a real scenario and adding different variables, like the various partner countries and seeing how they do their tasks, as well as the medical techniques they use, it will always be a pleasure for us”, he highlighted. Kutnick.

Rescues on the high seas with parachute and cargo drops, search and rescue in collapsed areas and hydrocarbon containment are some of the exercises that are carried out, acting in an integrated manner as a multinational first response task force in the face of large-scale natural disasters, due to because these countries have a long history of disasters caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and floods associated with these meteorological phenomena.

“It is a totally new experience, because we had not had the opportunity to practice in these exercises. Everything we have learned in such a practical way, so real,” Alan Saenz, second sergeant of the Mexican Marines, told VOA.

It is expected that with this type of exercise, more countries will join this operation to continue strengthening ties and experiences in cases of natural emergencies. According to the United Nations, Latin America and the Caribbean is the second region most prone to natural disasters in the world.

Source: VOA Espanol



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